Conductor: A radical new way to problem solve

For once in your life, Live Different.

Blank Labs is an AI studio aiming to answer one simple question:

Right now - AI agents do. How can we enable AI to solve?

What is Conductor?

Conductor is a new category of software that is a centralized hub for problem solving your work and life. Our AI native platform links to all existing data points in your life and intelligently attacks problem as they arise. It's like having a first line of defense against messages, notifications, requests, and to-do's.

For once in your life, Do More.

For once in your life, Live Different.

For once in your life, Pick a Better You.

We aim to facilitate humans using AI to become the ideal version of themselves IRL.

To do so, we must create interfaces and devices that:

We’re funded and currently hiring AI researchers, applied ML engineers, and designers.

At _____ labs, we believe the best consumer device of all time is the automatic insulin pump, not the iPhone.

If that makes sense to you and you want to help create a new way of living life, email: